Rumors surrounding the release date of Samsung Galaxy S4

Barring Apple Inc., no other Android smart phone manufacturer has come close to the market reach of Samsung. With the Galaxy S2 been lauded with praise and appreciation by both gadget lovers and common users alike, Samsung has secured its place at the top notch in the market of smart phones. This of course led to the grand launch of Galaxy S3 at a special event rather than a MWC launch (which is a common practice). With such history of massive success, one cannot help but expect a lot from Samsung Galaxy S4.

There are several rumors amidst all the whispering regarding the release date of this much anticipated device. We are keeping our eyes and ears open to get the exact information about the release of this smart phone. Meanwhile, we dearly wish certain updates in features of the Galaxy series to be incorporated in S4. The recent teasers by the company are making us guess about the features.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Specs in Galaxy S4:

If the internet is to be trusted, there is a lot to look forward to when we think about the specs in Galaxy S4. An eight core innards will probably be split in to a group of two: A7 spec for handling things at a modest power whereas A15 chips which would be used when more power is consumed to run bigger applications or download heavy files.

Screen specifications in Galaxy S4:

Vibrant screen with visible pixels has been a critical feedback for screens of earlier phones in the Galaxy series. However, that does not take away the fact that the colors are highly vivid, the contrast is starking,and overall effect of the cialis online samples screen of these phones is quite pleasing and easy on the eyes. In fact, pixel density was increased (it went from 217 to 306) when Galaxy S3 was launched. Also, the screen size in Galaxy S3 was 4.8 inches (more than the 4.3 inches screen in the previous model).

Samsung is hinting that the screen in Galaxy S4 is going to be very flexible. But one cannot be to sure about this as it is just a rumor and looking at the delayed release date, it is safe to assume that flexible screen can be a feat in Samsung Galaxy S5 rather than S4.

The release date of Galaxy S4:

When? And how? These are the two questions pestering all the gadget geeks when they think about Galaxy S4. The 'how' part is speculated as: not at MWC 2013, might be at a separate launch event or at CES. There is a chance that the unveiling of this smart phone be held in May this year.

All the speculation, rumors, hype, expectations, and the anticipation are emphasizing on one fact: Galaxy S4 is going to get a grand welcome as soon as it is released and it also will be scrutinized for each of its features.

Facts About BlackBerry Bush

The BlackBerry brand has been assimilated to smartphones for a long time now and millions of people around the world own a BlackBerry mobile phone. Some of them even get addicted to them and statistics surely prove this fact. Unfortunately being addictive to a mobile phone can be a bad thing, just think of when you are driving, lots of accidents can occur at that time, so just put the phone down at least in those moments. No matter of whom we are speaking about, soccer moms, political personalities, Hollywood stars, they seem to be thumbing their Blackberry and not leave them out of their sight. Being so popular, there are even some fun and interesting facts about BlackBerry and in case you’re a BlackBerry user, you might find yourself in some of them.

To start with, did you know there are even feeling terms associated with emotions to describe users’ mobile experiences? For instance”aaackBerry” is described for when you leave the house without the mobile phone and “Gasp-Berrying” is the message you read exactly when you are somewhere else. In 2007 the French government banned using BlackBerry devices in the presidential palace, because they feared foreign spies might snoop around. There are more than 7 million people in the world using a BlackBerry phone and the number is increasing. There are even books published on how to use a BlackBerry device and books are different according to the model you have. They are filled with useful tips and tricks and how to manage your mobile phone faster. Lots of users and readers say they are especially useful and they did learn how to use a BlackBerry better than on their own. A manual is not enough sometimes, because there is more than technical information a user must know.

Furthermore, Barack Obama owns a BlackBerry phone and he is obsessed using it. He refused to give it up, so to make things better and keep the secrecy of what he is doing on the phone, a top secret BlackBerry device has been created for him with Secure Voice software. BlackBerry was used to be known as business devices, but things have changed greatly, because now they are considered all-in one entertainment systems for when you are travelling or simply on the go. The maker of BlackBerry won in 1998 the Academy reward for a digital film barcode reader, which is quite an accomplishment. The first commercial was released in 1999 as a two-way pager. The features of the first BlackBerry phone included e-mail and WAP services, monochrome display, HTML access using third party software and Java access. Since 1990 there have been more than ten different BlackBerry headsets introduced and they have sold about more than 40 million units. Most of the users check their e-mails when they are in vacation, right when the e-mail arrives, in the bathroom, in bed, while driving and it seems that even while in Church.

There are a lot of facts about BlackBerry, some of them being very interesting and some of them useful, but no matter what, it seems that using such a device comes with a lot of benefits. BlackBerry wins over the business market and little by little, it integrates itself in consumer segment as well, providing all in one devices.

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Difference Between Bluetooth and BlackBerry

Difference between Bluetooth and BlackBerry? They are two different things; a Bluetooth is an accessory you use along with a mobile phone, with a BlackBerry phone if you want. You can sync your mobile phone with a Bluetooth headset and you can receive calls directly in your ear, without having to hold the phone to your ear. You are able to easily attach the device and you can choose from several models.

But the phone you have must have compatibility with stereo Bluetooth, because if not, buying the accessory is just useless. On the other hand, BlackBerry is a known well company that activates online and which manufactures mobile phones, tablets, accessories and provides services. The company is known to develop business oriented mobile phone and activates on the market for a very long time.

This is the difference: Bluetooth in essence and by definition is a wireless technology for exchanging data for between short distances from mobile phones, creating personal networks with a high level of security. When you see Bluetooth within a phone’s features, it means you can sync your phone to a friend’s who has Bluetooth as well and you can exchange data, you can exchange pictures, music, ringtones, files, you can communicate and send images. But you have to be close one to another, because it is not like Wi-Fi. This is how it works read and as this technology has been evolved, you can now use stereo Bluetooth technology to sync your calls to the tiny devices called Bluetooth headsets and manage calls without using the phone. These phone accessories have buttons and some great features and they can be used by any mobile phone owner. It doesn’t have to be used with a certain mobile manufacturer, just make sure the technology is within the specifications. BlackBerry is a device developer available since 1999. Most of the BlackBerry devices are smartphones and they are designed as personal assistants, media players, to be used as gaming devices, to browse on the internet and more. They are known best of everything for sending and receiving push-emails and for instant messaging. Blackberry Messenger is one of the instant messaging features and it can be used to communicate with other BlackBerry users. In 2011, the company has covered 3% of the worldwide sales of mobile devices, making RIM the sixth most popular manufacturer. This means there are millions of users worldwide who use one of the BlackBerry phones and most of them can get addicted to them as well. There are even name calls for the thumb injury you can get for a lot of texting, as the majority of Blackberry phones have full QWERTY keyboards and you can use your thumbs for easy typing. Among the popular phone series developed by the company we can recall Black Berry Curve, Bold, Pearl, Storm, Torch and Style. These have all different characteristics and are aimed to certain users, looking to use devices in different manners.

To conclude, hope this settles your incertitude about Bluetooth and BlackBerry and now you can feel better as you are informed. This is the beauty of the internet, the fact that you have access to information right at your fingertips. All you need to do is to be curious enough to search for what you feel unclear and unknown.

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BlackBerry Storm Accessories Holster Case

BlackBerry Storm is a very good looking mobile phone and it would be a pity to have scratches and accidental marks and damages done to it. As these things happen in a lifetime and everyone drops their phone at some point, you can surely minimize the drop and you can even minimize the chances of it happening.

What can you do in this matter? For starting, you can get a BlackBerry Storm holster case, as this is part of the available accessories a phone must have. You can find some great holsters and protective cases online and for sure you will be giving your Storm a new home, safe and sound. Plus, you can get better access to it using a holster.

The Seidio Spring Holster for BlackBerry Storm is a really nice accessory you can think about. It has been categorized as being one of the best, so it is worth taking a look at it. It has the sleeper function, so the battery will be maximized, as the moment you put the phone inside, the backlit will be shut off. Having a magnet, you can set the features of the phone uniquely. For instance, when you are in a meeting, you just keep the phone in the holster and instead of ringing, the phone will vibrate. Design is very sturdy and the rubberized feel and the soft lining inside make it excellent for protection and for a solid grip. On top of the holster you will see the spring clip mechanism, so you can attach the Storm to your belt or your purse, up to six positions are available, making it comfortable to use at any time. The holster does not add bulkiness, and even though it is thin, it is very well made, strong and sturdy. With the Face in design you can easily take calls and get to your e-mails, just pull the phone out of the holster and use it instantly. But the fact with holsters is that when the phone is out of them, there is no protection assured. So if you think you will use the

device more in your hands than keep it inside a holster, you should think of another measure of protection. Griffin Elan Form for BlackBerry Storm is another holster you can take into consideration. This one provides two layers of protection; the first one being the leather-polycarbonate combination that tightly protects the phone without blocking the external buttons and the second is the screen protector which keeps your screen safe from any scratches. You can use the holster even when you place the phone inside your pocket or purse, as no keys and any sharp objects will interfere with it. BlackBerry has a collection of phone accessories as well, so you can look for holsters within the company, in case you want to match up the phone with the holster. These are designed out of leather and they look like pouches, but they come with the belt clip, so you can attach them to your belt. It depends on what you prefer, but all mentioned products are worth having, as they provide various features and different levels of protection.

To sum up, protecting your BlackBerry Storm should definitely come to your mind, because once the screen gets scratched, the back gets bumped or the corners damaged, your headset will not look the same anymore.

BlackBerry Storm Free Software

Software for BlackBerry Storm can easily be found, especially as we are dealing with a touch screen phone that has been released not long ago. There are a lot of free applications and games you can have for your mobile phone and you can download most of them from BlackBerry App World. If you want things to be easier, stick around and you will see some of the must have BlackBerry Storm free software, ready to make your phone better and make you proud

of your gadget.

TalkLock is a very useful phone application. Sometimes when you talk over the phone, the screen is active and you accidentally press some keys, in this case the touch screen. You can even end up the call by accident or go online and more. Well, using TalkLock you will get rid of this problem. It locks the screen while you are on the phone, so there will be no accidental buttons pressed. Viigo is another must-have free application, because it is a RSS reader and you can read information from your favorite websites while you are on the go. More than that, it sends Twitter updates from RSS feeds and let’s your friends know all about what you read. Google Maps is without question the best GPS application one can have. It helps you reach your destinations, provides the best tracks, guiding directions, text-based directions; you can download maps and get satellite views and even information about local businesses. It works perfectly and it is free, so start enjoying guidance when you hit the roads. In the same category, BlackBerry Maps is also available for free and it has similar features to Google Maps, so give them both a try.

To continue, Slacker is an internet radio that lets you stream over 1000 stations for free. It is available for free, but there is also a premium version. You can listen to any radio station and you can always be in touch with music, news and anything happening right now. Pandora is a streaming radio application as well, but it is slightly different, because you can stream your favorite music. You can create radio stations with the artists you like, the albums and you can listen to your favorite tracks at any time. Poynt is a search service that enables three main components: movie search, business search and a map search function. Opera Mini is a web browser that you can replace your default Storm browser with. If you have Opera on your computer you are probably already familiar with it and you will benefit almost of the same features. Twitterberry and Facebook are the main social network platforms that have managed to capture everyone’s attention. As you can’t stay on your computer at all times to log in and see what is happening, you can download applications for your BlackBerry Storm and be able to enjoy every feature. Update your status, post feeds, comment, post pictures right from your phone and after you take them, poke friends, send friend requests, write messages and a lot more, all of these for free.

Among BlackBerry Storm free software, you can also try out games, as these are suitable for when you have a little free time and just want to relax. The popular free games include Ka-Glom, Hangman, Tower Defense, The River Test, Pixelated, Tiltris, Angry Pigs and a lot more you can find online.

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