Casio Model GzOne

We have some news about the Hitachi mobile phone with 3 displays, described previously in our article about E Ink gadgets.
The W61H has an incredible cool design based on latest achievements in the E Ink technology, sporting an external display covering the front of the handset. The model scrolls through 96 graphics when there is an incoming message or call. It was designed by the Japanese SeKiYuRiO, who was inspired by stylish perfume bottles. The examples are shown in the pictures.

This is possible because of this flexible displays technology’s proprieties. It consumes very low energy, only when it is used, and allows the manufacturing of extremely thin and flexible displays.
Hitachi W61H can be found only in Asia at the moment, featuring the 2.7-inch E Ink display called Silhouette Screen, an internal main WQVGA display of 2.8 inches with 240 x 400 resolution, a built-in 1.97MP camera, 2GB microSD maximum memory, and a 4-hours battery.

The news for today is that Casio and Hitachi are launching cell phones with E Ink screens but featuring flexible displays, according to the latest press release from E Ink Corporation.
They use the E Ink Vizplex Imaging Film technology for an entire cell phones line, which will be the world’s first flip phones with e-paper-based displays.

“We wanted features such as outdoor sunlight readability, 180 degree viewing angle, extremely thin, rugged, flexible display that consumed very little power,” said Satoshi Shirasawa, Marketing Manager for CHMC. “E Ink’s electrophoretic display technology provided all that and more, something we could not get from other display technologies.”

KDDI, the company providing the services for Hitachi W61H will serve also the new Casio Model G’zOne, an impressive handset that will appear on the market later this summer, featuring the Silhouette display characterized by a wide viewing angle, increased readability in sunlight, ruggedness, very thin form factor, and the very low power consumption, increasing the battery life.

“Fashion is a key driver in today’s world,” said Sriram Peruvemba, Vice President of Marketing, E Ink Corp. “E Ink offers a smart surface that changes the design and brings mobile phones to the fashion forefront of technology.”

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