MoPods for Replacing your Phone’s Ringing

MoPods for Replacing the Phone’s RingingMany busy people become stressed when hearing the phone ringing often, and to help them with this problem, has made available the new MoPods, some cute gadgets having a special characteristic to replace the ringing.

A MoPod is a new device type easy attachable to bags, belts, clothing key rings or directly to mobile phones and when someone calls the cute little characters start to flash, turn and spin to attract the attention of the person that wears them.

This type of “toy” is useful even when you are in a noisy place like a club or restaurant, where you can’t hear the ringing or where it would not be nice to disturb the others around you.
So keep you mobile phone in silent mode and check the MoPod. has introduced the Version 2 MoPods at $9.99 that includes 6 new characters, from a panda bear to a funny parrot and princess.

Those of you that live in the US have to check and see which model has the frequency that matches your phone, as these work only on GSM network and are not compatible with CDMA at the moment.

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